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fuckingicons's Journal

Welcome. Fuckingicons is a shes_unreal creation, a depository where I will be dumping icons and other such goodies when I indulge in my nasty habit of creating them. Occasionally I will take requests but for the most part you'll just be seeing my own wacky designs here.

If you are interested in using an icon or requesting one, please follow the rules. I don't want to have to go friends only, but I will if a number of people are using my icons while breaking the rules.

(one)Comment when taking graphics. A bit of ‘thanks’ won’t hurt.
(two)Credit in keywords or by linking back to this journal whenever you use a graphic or icon.
(three)Direct linking - DON'T DO IT.
(four)No modifying graphics, period
(five)If you're requesting, say "great googly moogly" in your post so I know you've read the rules.

These rules are subject to change without notice.

My personal journal is shes_unreal

My writing journal is bloody_and_wild